Selasa, 26 Mei 2009

Andreae's Vegetarian Moroccan Stew with No-knead Bread

This dish has that certain kind of tantalizing heat that makes it delightful year round, and I find it particularly perfect for these annoyingly chilly Chicago "spring" days. I first became acquainted with Andreae's Vegetarian Moroccan Stew when our friend Michelle volunteered to bring us dinner after we'd brought our newborn son home from the hospital. Michelle showed up at the door with a huge

Jumat, 15 Mei 2009

Three Berry Chicken Salad with Thyme, Tarragon and Toasted Pinenuts

I have a deep and abiding love of chicken salad. It wasn't always this way. I grew up a solid "lunch meats" kind of girl, because that's what you eat for lunch when you are from Wisconsin. Maybe mix a little PBJ in the rotation to keep things interesting. But then I married Terry. He was an avowed omnivore, but the more we were together the more I noticed that there were a few things he didn't

Senin, 04 Mei 2009

Eat Cookies, Help the World (A giveaway!)

If you have ever found your heart tugged by the idea of child soldiers, AIDS patients, or starving children in Africa then I beg you: SUPPORT ENTERPRISE ON THE CONTINENT. Because a lack of meaningful economic opportunity is at the root of all of those problems. And lucky for you, doing your part to solve the problem can be as easy as sitting back with a tasty box of cookies.I teach a politics