Jumat, 30 Juli 2010

Tropical "Grillswith": Grilled donuts with the best caramel sauce you'll ever make

Yeah, that's right. I just did that to you. There you were minding your own business at your computer, you probably thought "what the heck is a grillswith?" and now you are drooling all over your keyboard like a drunken sailor. You might even be babbling a bit. It's okay. The grillswith does that to me too.

I just couldn't resist sharing this photo with you all. It is probably the best example

Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

Individual Spinach Provolone Frittata -- Brunch yourself swanky!

This puffs up and has the look of a faux souffle with one tenth of the work. I love eggs but my husband doesn't eat them, so I've plenty motivation to experiment with single serving egg dishes that are low work for a fast and delicious morning breakfast. This Italian inspired version, studded with creamy provolone cheese and earthy spinach, is one of my very favorites. This is the perfect way to