Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Nine things I learned about diet and exercise from a personal trainer

I am fresh back from my second ever visit to a personal trainer (the fantastic Kandice King. I have always wondered about personal training, but been too intimidated to shell out the cash to try it. I've had friends who went to personal trainers and swore by them. I recognize intellectually that exercise is the other side of the foodie coin, unless some day you want to be someone who has to be

Rabu, 23 Maret 2011

Reflections of First Time Gardeners

Last year I was a doe-eyed eager first-time gardener. And to complicate things, I was learning to garden in the South, after spending my whole life in the Midwest. The climate and soil and waterfall were all different. I tried to learn what I could, and in my typical fashion I probably even went a bit overboard trying to learn everything about gardening. And then, at some point, I just took a

Kamis, 17 Maret 2011

Eight things to love about Weight Watchers Yogurt

Early on in my efforts to find a life-long eating style that suited my tastes and my life tempo, I realized that I would be permanent friends with yogurt. It is smooth and creamy, with a texture that instantly reminds me of more fattening desserts, but without all the guilt. Yogurt comes in a dizzying array of flavors, so you are not likely to get completely sick of it. Yogurt has a healthy dose