Sabtu, 28 Maret 2009

Moroccan Spiced Bulgur & Chickpea Salad

The hard crunch of carrots and almonds, the chewy toothsomeness of chickpeas and cranberries, against a backdrop of whole grains, touched off with the bright hint of fresh mint, which seems incongruous and yet somehow perfectly ties it all together. Having been raised on casseroles, meat and potatoes, I'll admit to a certain Midwestern bias in me that tends to view with initial skepticism

Senin, 16 Maret 2009

Slow-Roasted Salmon With Mustard Parsley Glaze

Our son came home from the NICU on Sunday, and on Tuesday the first of our friends came through our door bearing the gift of home cooked food to help sustain two slightly frazzled sleep deprived new parents. And how we got spoiled by this first food delivery! Our friend Michaela is a foodie par excellence. Her dissertation examines controversies around foie gras in the US and France. She makes it

Jumat, 06 Maret 2009

Slowcooked Beef Bourguignon with Bulgur

Beef Bourguignon is a standard of French cuisine, and a wonderful example of simple, homestyle cooking that was elevated to status food. Traditionally in the northern regions of France, this dish begins by rendering bacon fat. Now I'm not embarassed to say that I actually have several tablespoons of rendered bacon fat chilling in my freezer even as we speak. I think it is handy to keep it there